Day 14! Halloween a Success!

So I reached my VPP goal and I got to go out with my friends for Halloween. Got da VEEEEEEEEPs 😀


So my buddy Alex was dressed as Tiger and I walked by him absolutely going at it on the dance floor with this little Hungarian girl in a skeleton costume. I went back up to our table and decided to see if I could take a video of the magic going down, but this girl appropriately dressed in a witch costume comes over and forcibly prys this girl off of Alex and starts reprimanding her. This was a staggeringly aggressive c-block if I’ve ever seen one.

I look to my roommate Shane, who is dressed as Bad Santa and doing his absolute best to play the part. He nods to confirm the atrocity we’ve just witnessed and then says “So, should I throw a drink on her?” Before I can respond the girl is drenched and absolutely flipping out. She has no idea from which angle she was rudely bombarded by someone looking to ruin a good time, and neither did Tiger or Skelator.

And so goes the circle of life. #Karma.

We all had a great time. I was a chip’n’dale, which 2+2 member Attrition correctly guessed. He will win the $10 freeroll for his guesswork, and Wafflehoue1 will recieve $5 for guessing male stripper which is technically correct also. Doing a bunch of updates and freerolls in my 2+2 thread, but also feel free to ask questions or drop comments on here!

I made a video update on my challenge progress and some thoughts I have on sustaining your energy levels. The goal with energy is to be in a continual state of accomplishment rather than burning yourself out.

Day 14! Leggo!!!


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