Day 18: Progress Report

Ok, so I have 56 days left to reach Supernova Elite. Here’s where I’m at:

SNE Progess with 56 days left

  • I need 355,773 VPPs in 56 days.
  • That divides out to 6353 VPPs/day
  • I earn 5.5 VPPs per dollar I pay in rake, so I need to pay $1155 a day until the end of the year.
  • When the challenge began this number was $1017 a day, therefore I’m about 15% behind.
  • My results have been decent tho.
  • Results by stake on day 18

  • I still need to work on my math for 6m turbos in a lot of spots. Pretty fortunate to have been such a big winner in them last year playing off intuition.
  • It’s actually really exciting to be playing Turbos feel very plus EV already while at the same time seeing tons of room for improvement.

I don’t want to cut it too close b/c I may need a day off for my brain. I also want to do some stuff on American Thanksgiving/Xmas/New Year and the volume may not be there on those days anyway. For that reason I’m going to set my daily counter to 7500 VPPs. I’ve debated with the idea of adding in some $300 turbos or the odd 3-fish $200 hyper but I think negative results in those could really shunt my momentum. I’m gonna just try to do more Turbos math and play more $200 Turbos so long as they go decent enough. Been looking up so far this month but I try not to get caught up in results.

Graph for Nov on Day 18

I’m more happy that when spots come up I understand them, or I understand that they are an area I’m still working on. I either know what lines I’m taking or I know what kind of lines I’m developing and what areas I still need to math out and make decisions about away from the table. That’s my positive momentum. Greater understanding and less confusion. I just posted the graph b/c you guys can’t rail my thought-process, but really momentum is ALL about the process.



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