Day 27: Q&A and TiltBook Contest Winners

Freeroll winners are as follows:

vinn $10 – Day 16 – Taking responsibility for your brain chemistry.

“thanks for sharing i didn’t know so many things can affect the way you think and the brain, guess you learn something everyday they say…i don’t drink much people do think tha’ts the only way to have fun..i do get angry to when gettin rivered i think any poker players does haha …as for ppl being depressed i think it’s a way the person thinks are in charge of making yourself happy i believe …are you studying to be a psychologist ?..watching your video is going to make me think more about gettin angry and how i am going to try an take care of my brain more to thanks alot”

Johnan1988 $15 – Day 16 Taking responsibility for your brain chemistry.

“Though i generally agree, i have to make a point. If i had to be so focused how everything has an impact on me, i wouldnt do anything else. Sometimes its just better to NOT care about everything so much and just live…”

kipishaz $25 – Day 18 Progress report

“How many tables have you been playing and how does that influence your A game. Couse i seem to loose focus, when im playing too much tables. there is not much space left to think, and do something out of the blue. you (me) just try to do best line every game you play and after some time it looks like the other players seems to read you well. how would you suggest to solve this kind of problem? Thank you.”

Thanks everyone who participated 🙂


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