Mental Game Coaching

A few months ago, at the request of my good friend Patrick “pads1161” Leonard I started working as a Mental Game Coach for the BitB Online MTT Stable. So far the response has been overwhelming positive 🙂 I do suppose peopel would be unlikely to tell me if they thought I sucked, but my student feedback has been tremendous. It’s really fueled me to do more Mental Game coaching.

My biggest motivation for this type of coaching is to increase the overall quality of life for poker players. This is about more than just playing your A game. It’s about having the right mindset for sustainable results and to enjoy life outside of poker. This means we’ll be looking at habits, motivation, and relationships too.

My goal is to build happy and successful people. You will be in a position to make more money, but beyond that I want my clients to ultimately be fulfilled. As Tony Robbins says, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” My delving deep into the way you think and what drives you, we can ensure success in all areas of life, not just the financial.

Rates are $150 USD per hour.

You can book your session directly using the form below.